Stadium Dog Grooming - Your Neighborhood Dog Grooming Place!
Services Include:

Since every dog is different, please call us for a more precise price quote at 214-770-8076.

Bath Package:

Bath, nail trim, ears cleaned, and anal gland expression.
***Does not include a haircut

$20-25 (1-20lbs)
$25-30 (21-35lbs)
$30-35 (36-55)
$35-40 (56-70)
$40-50 (70-99)
Kings of the Castle
$50-60 (100 Plus)

Grooming Package:

Bath, nail trim, ears cleaned, anal gland expression, and haircut.

All prices are subject to the condition of the dog upon arrival as well as their temperament. Prices are not only based on weight of dog but also on the amount of hair they have.  We will discuss the price with you when you drop off your dog and will give you the price before you leave. 
Grooming Package Price Starts at $40 Please Call For A Quote.

Additional Options:

  Unfortunately it doesn't stop shedding (which would be great). It does help loosen the dead fur which will keep the coat healthy and can reduce the shedding up to 80%.
  Our dog's oral health is very important. We will brush their teeth and spritz their mouth with a freshener.
Nail Filing:
  Those dog nails can be damaging to nearly anything. Smooths out the nail carefully using a rotary tool. 
Nail Trim: 
   Dog nails keep growing, and not maintaining nail care can cause your dog a great deal of pain. Either nails breaking or circling back and coming into their pad! 

Below are prices for the add ons.
Nail Trim 
Nail Filing with Dremel
Prices vary
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